Stiglitz on Greece Answered by Dick Eastman

Dick Eastman comments on “Joseph Stiglitz: how I would vote in the Greek referendum”

Stiglitz on Greece Answered

Joseph Stiglitz: The rising crescendo of bickering and acrimony within Europe might seem to outsiders to be the inevitable result of the bitter endgame playing out between Greece and its creditors. In fact, European leaders are finally beginning to reveal the true nature of the ongoing debt dispute, and the answer is not pleasant: it is about power and democracy much more than money and economics.

Comment: Money is democracy and the Greeks have none. An economy where all money for transacting has to be borrowed from international lending institutions and speculators where repayment of principal and interest are required or else a transfer of assets – is a system of slavery. Stiglitz is pretending that power and democracy and its opposite are not exactly the monetary system that corrupt politicians forced on the nation with the EU, merely one more incarnation of the the same old Bank-of-England/Rothschild system.

Joseph Stiglitz: Of course, the economics behind the programme that the troika (the European Commission, the European Central Bank, and the International Monetary Fund) foisted on Greece five years ago has been abysmal, resulting in a 25% decline in the countrys GDP. I can think of no depression, ever, that has been so deliberate and had such catastrophic consequences: Greeces rate of youth unemployment, for example, now exceeds 60%.

Comment: Yes, and?

Joseph Stiglitz: It is startling that the troika has refused to accept responsibility for any of this or admit how bad its forecasts and models have been. But what is even more surprising is that Europes leaders have not even learned. The troika is still demanding that Greece achieve a primary budget surplus (excluding interest payments) of 3.5% of GDP by 2018.

Comment: Now we come to it. Did the models they were using fail? Was this outcome really a surprise? The real assets of Greece are going into the hands of the creditors. Entire Islands have been given to creditors. Public art treasures, land, public utilities, water rights, airports, businesses, residential units — all transferred to the creditors. I say this is an outcome most easily predictable. How could any real economist — not a brainwashed yes man teaching at American universities, but real economists who know the real nature of the debt-money system and its tendency to deflation, default and transfer of real assets to the lenders. And it worked exactly as Irving Fisher, or Keynes, or Samuelson would have known it must. When all the money is borrowed with obligations created to pay that amount back plus compound interest, the result must be deflationary depression and massive default. “Europe’s leaders” — Stiglitz does not tell you that it is the Rothschild interests, the allies and instruments — the IMF, the World Bank, Goldman-Sachs, the Bank of International Settlements, the EUB and the central bank of Greece — learned long ago that this is how to plunder a country. Stiglitz does not admit the possibility that this was the design — that in this day of developed science — be it weather, or genetics or even economics — there are no mistakes or miscalculations by those with money enough to pay to have the math done, say by hiring a Larry Summers who does it willingly or a Nash who provides the formuli semi-willingly after being certified as insane for claiming that his roommates were agents put there to pick his brain. And yes, the Rothschilds instruments — Goldman-Sachs for example — are winning every hand in this crisis — Greeks are bleeding but not the creditors — and they are secure enough in the power they hold over everybody — who is going to stop them? me? you?

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“I forgive you.”

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22 June, 2015 01:56

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TPP – the end of economic national sovereignty

House and Senate in their getting up the Transpacific Trade Pact treaty have been like the Jury in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev case where a guilty verdict was “fast tracked” through the court room with the real evidence establishing innocence and a government frame-up not even examined. In this case a robbery of political power from the people, the emasculation of their elected representatives in being able to challenge and overturn the practices of international corporations, giving power to to corporations to challenge and overturn Congressional legislation on trade, on environment, on macro and monetary policy — in international courts of what amounts to a world government over all.

Senators and Congressmen are allowed to enter this room to thumb through the “confidential” 800 page TransPacificTrade bill details of which they may glance at without taking notes. They are not allowed to discuss with the news reporters or their constituents or their colleagues. Staff may accompany the Senator but they sign documents agreeing to confidentiality. Those reading the bill are not told whether this is an early draft or the latest draft. It is merely the draft they are allowed to see. The question natually arises — who wrote the bill if the Senate and House members can’t see what is in it except in constrained browsing sessions where notes cannot be taken? Further more there is no clear idea of exactly who it is who designed this system where Congress can be overruled in its economic and environmental legislation by corporations lawers and the international machinery created by this legislation? It is not even clear who the other signatories are.

Ben Carson who is running for president has seen the media turn against him when he announced his oppostion to TTP and fast-track legislation. His reason? “I think free trade is a wonderful thing, but I think it needs to be done the right way. We are a republic, and that means that the people are in charge through their representatives, and the president is only one person. And I think we need to have much more input.

Jeb Bush speaks at a “Politics and Eggs” breakfast at The New … bipartisan plan to give the president special “fast track” authority to complete the deal. .. The Clintons have historically backed free-trade deals, and as secretary of state Hillary called the TPP “the gold standard in trade agreements.” But she is running for president as an outsider and “populist” so she is waffeling with ambiguous statements issued by her campaign staff like this: ” “She will be watching closely to see what is being done to crack down on currency manipulation, improve labor rights, protect the environment and health, promote transparency and open new opportunities for our small businesses to export overseas,” On Tuesday in New Hampshire, the the candidate herself added, Any trade deal has to produce jobs and raise wages and increase prosperity and protect our security. We have to do our part in making sure we have the capabilities and the skills to be competitive.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz: “… labor, environmental and human rights concerns that many Democrats have voiced, the President takes to heart. And he would not sign a deal unless those protections are in place. If you look at the TPA agreement that was introduced in a bipartisan way in the Senate, we believe thats the most progressive in history and thats why the President is encouraged by it. … if you look at the points that are being raised in terms of human rights, environmental protections, labor protections, that those are important priorities of this President.

“Why didn’t Democrats elect Senators and Congressmen who already knew this is bad and must be fought at all costs?

There were some Dems and some GOP who sought to stop this — but when Dem Obama and Repub Boehner met they coerced members of both parties to change.

The Senate already approved Fast Track and will do it again. Now the corporations will rule which means the CEOs which means the Boards of Directors which hire them which means those who really own the controlling shares which means the Rothschilds and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army with whom we are doing business and to whom we owe our debt. Our creditors, in other words, now control whether or not we can start businesses or regulate our own national economy.

They give you two parties to choose from and scare the hell out of you with the GOP/McCain/Palin/Bush etc — so you vote for whatever Dem they shove under your nose.

To what avail?

President Obama and the leadership of both parties have used every lobbying and pressure procedure in a to pass this Jew/Communist corporate power grab of national sovereignty over economic policy and law, that gives Monsanto and China Inc. legal powers above the powers of Congress.

It’s the job of Congress to fully vet trade deals and ensure they work for everyone, not just giant corporations. And it would be a deeply irresponsible abdication of responsibility for Congress to pass Fast Track when we know the TPP is coming down the pike, especially when we know the consequences of the TPP could be disastrous.

There are too few Senators for them not all to have been bought.

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Little Sally and the austere economists — nailing shut the coffin of debt-slavery apologetics

First some useful quotes provided by fellow populist Mathew Francisco.

(main article follows below)

“The creation of wealth arises in three ways ; viz., transmutation, transformation, and transportation. The man who plows, sows, and reaps, is engaged in the first-named process ; the mechanic, or laborer, who adds value to the raw material, is an example of the
second ; the distribution of the products of the agriculturist,
and the skilled or unskilled workman, falls in the province of the last named.

These processes are the sole means of adding to the
stock of material wealth.

Bankers, merchants, and those belonging to what
are called the learned professions, do not add a single
penny to a nation’s stock of wealth.

The banker and the money lender merely gathers
toll from those who borrow the medium of exchange
to carry on business.”

– M W Walbert, The Coming Battle, 1899

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Letter to Anthony Migchels — discussing the best way to eliminate usury (interest slavery)

From: Anthony Migchels <realcurrencies>
To: Dick Eastman <oldickeastman>
Sent: Mon, 13 Apr 2015 09:38:44 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: Where C. H. Douglas missed the boat. by social crediter Dick Eastman

I agree very much Dick.

In my own analysis of Social Credit ( I also point at Usury as being the core of the Gap. Interestingly, Kennedy/Creutz’ analysis of 40% of prices being Usury passed on by the producer, is quite close to what modern Social Crediters calculate the gap to be.


Dear Anthony,

Very good to receive this email from you.

We have been sharing thoughts and friendship for a long time. We agree on almost everything — including the deflation that results from the practices and systems of usury. Our common goals might be better attained if we could agree on the same remedy. I think we can.

As I understand it you are saying that usury is wrong in the sense of a morality that is a morality that best serves people. The last I looked it appeared to me that you advocate the elimination of interest on loans under all circumstances and that you would have a government agency make all loans interest free. Yes, that would eliminate usury. The structure of the financial system would be so changed that the gap in purchasing power due to the draining of interest to financiers/capitalists/bankers would be gone. End of problem. End of story.

In my opinion, not without some thought, you charging money to allow others to spend your money today instead of you spending it, provided they promise and do give you that same amount of money later on, is a freedom that in a well designed market economy/ money system/ lending system could be a positive benefit to both borrower, lender and society as a whole.

My idea has been to find out exactly where interest under the present system is killing us and to do something about that. Why is the usury system killing us?

I think I have isolated what is good and what is bad about usury under the present system

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the world set free by a populist-behaviorist morality and political science — by Dick Eastman

The Organism is Always Right

The world set free by a populist-behaviorist morality and political science

by Dick Eastman

A populist morality has been revealed to me — as assumptions one has been following subconsciously suddenly occur to one in expressible terms. This was several days ago — and the conception seemed so important to me that I have been waiting for the old enthusiasm, the clarity, the fire to come with which to express it, to give it wings, to sell it to you. That hasn’t happened. So without the spirit — in the flesh — I will try to put down what has been flashing upon me. I want you to know about the possibility of a populist morality. I want to write spell out that morality. It is a morality that changes how one goes about attacking the wrongs in the world — focusing away from the bad guys and their punishment by laws — it throws out that way of reforming the nation for good. It is also a way to define and solve what has been called “the Jewish problem” and “the conspiracy” without arrests or war or anything like what
Ludwig Gumplowicz, the sociologist of militant Zionism’s underpinning assumptions — called Rassenkampf (“race war”) which he viewed as the great constant of history and nations and their internal and external conflict of one tribe against another — which Israel and communism embrace and American and other internationalist leaders of nations embrace as realpolitik. The new populist morality does away with all that — ends it, evolves beyond it — without conflict, because it is clearly an advance from every viewpoint. Now having said this – I now face the blank space below this paragraph — my mind is still

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